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Woodfold has been crafting custom accordion doors for more than 50 years. Check out the features of the Series 140, Series 220, Series 240, Series 440 & 540, Series 640 & 740, Series 2100, Series 330 and more.


WOODFOLD Custom Accordion Doors WOODFOLD SERIES 2100

W hat started as a small woodshop in Forest Grove some 50 years ago now stands as a testament to modern woodcrafting. Which means serious benefits for our customers in the form of product selection, development, design and value. Woodfold combines decades of craftsmanship with today’s most advanced computers and machinery for an unsurpassed level of quality, efficiency and precision. And, this is just the beginning. After all, we’re only 50 years old and that’s quite young in our minds.

Single-Wall Doors For Some Degree Of Sound Reduction. Delivering sound reduction in an attractive, reasonably priced, single-wall door, the Series 2100 is ideal wherever some degree of sound reduction is needed, such as restaurants, offices and churches. Also minimizes heat loss or air exchange between rooms. WOODFOLD SERIES 3300 Dual-Wall Doors For Moderate Sound Reduction. An attractive way to draw the line between loud and quiet, the Series 3300 is perimeter-sealed and acoustic-lined for moderate sound reduction. Matching dual-wall construction with the proven durability of our exclusive hardware hinge system and rigid body panels, it conveniently allows the selection of alternate finish materials on each door face. The Nuts And Bolts Of Our Nuts And Bolts Our exclusive steel hardware hinge system is designed to keep doors operating smoothly and lends fantastic strength and long-term durability. It also means the doors stay solidly in place while both open and closed. Architectural Specifications Woodfold doors shall be accordion-type with panels connected continuously along the top and bottom by a steel hardware hinge system. Individual hinges are riveted to those adjoining, and contain stops to maintain a uniform extended position. Extruded vinyl seals securely connect all adjoining panels top to bottom (except Series 540 & 740). Doors shall be suspended by nylon wheels from aluminum overhead track. All necessary hardware shall be included for normal installation. Available Finishes Natural hardwoods, woodgrain vinyls, solid vinyls, textured vinyls, custom paint finishes, custom stain finishes, high pressure decorative laminate finishes, aluminum and applied murals.

WOODFOLD SERIES 140 Residential Closet Doors.

Routinely specified in single-family homes, college dormitories, retirement and assisted living facilities and health-care applications. The Series 140 is a durable, space-saving option for close-quarters. The Series 140 stacks left or right. It is finished on one side and available in vinyl and hardwood panel options.

WOODFOLD SERIES 220 Residential Room Dividers And Doors.

The Series 220 is as attractive and durable as the Series 140, but offers a finish on both sides. Ideal for efficiency-style housing units, basement or family room recreation areas and galley-style kitchens. Available in a variety of durable vinyl and hardwood panel options. WOODFOLD SERIES 240 Commercial To Residential. Institutional To Industrial. The Industry-Leading Accordion Door. The Series 240 door combines the merits of durability and function with natural beauty. It is routinely specified for institutional, commercial and industrial projects, offering you choices like curvable track, locks, latches and multiple meeting posts to further expand the design capabilities of the accordion concept.

WOODFOLD SERIES 440 & 54 0 Visifold, See-Through Commercial Security Doors.

The Woodfold Guarantee All Woodfold doors are custom made to fit each opening and warranted against failure due to defective materials or workmanship.

The Series 540 combines the smooth, flawless operation of the Woodfold hardware hinge system with enhanced security between panels thanks to a ridged PVC hinge over a steel rod, offering protection and an unobstructed view of what’s inside. The Series 440 uses the same construction, yet features a flexible vinyl PVC panel connector in place of the knuckle hinge and steel rods. Also available with multiple latch and locking options. Can be customized by combining acrylic panels with hardwoods, vinyl-lams or aluminum panels. WOODFOLD SERIES 640 & 740 Alumifold Security Doors. Sturdy doors with our exclusive hardware hinge system and solid aluminum panels. The Series 640 & 740 features single-piece, extruded aluminum body panels in solid or perforated aluminum in bronze, gold or clear (silver) finishes for a streamlined, modern look. Suitable for a variety of installations including store enclosures and corridor dividers.

ADA Compatible

The Series 140, 220, 240, 440, and 540 were tested for ADA compliance for opening load force per ADA/BOMA SEC 4.1311. Tests conducted by MEI Charlton, Inc., Portland, OR.

Employee-Owned You’re assured a precise level of workmanship, service and long-term value with each order because every Woodfold employee shares in the success of a job well done.


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