Captiva Wood Doors Catalog

8030 Double Doors with 8751 Transom, Mahogany

Stave Core Construction This environmentally friendly method of construction uses laminated, stable, wood core sandwiched between solid veneers and matching edges for a stile and rail that are superior for preventing warping or distortion. Traditional Series doors have a solid wood top rail cap on stiles for a finished look. (Not available on Select Series).

Details Matter. A solid cap hides the core on top stiles; standard on Traditional Series doors only.

Stave Core

Captiva Flush Doors

With no stile or rail, Captiva Flush Series doors are constructed with a plywood core, hardwood edges and 1/4" wood veneers. For crossbuck or other details, panels are inlayed to create a stronger bond, and make the door more resistant to water damage. 5 Year Warranty

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