Captiva Wood Doors Catalog

Panel options.

Captiva offers a large selection of panel profile options for all of our wood doors. Each door style is available in the panel options shown. We can also match an existing panel or create a custom design.

Bevel Panel

Ogee Panel

Flat Panel

5/8" Flat Panel with 1/8", 1/4" OR 3/8" Square Groove*

Scoop Panel

5/8" Flat Panel with V-Groove*

Bevel Panel with V-Groove

5/8" Flat Panel with Bead*

Bevel Panel with Bead

Double Panel Design Our double panel technology virtually eliminates cracking panels by allowing independent movement of wood surfaces exposed to different humidity and temperature conditions on each side of the door. The implementation of our double panel design on all our raised panel doors has enhanced their appearance and performance, especially doors used in exterior applications. We are able to offer many doors with different species on each door face. For paint-grade doors, panels will be constructed from Extira (exterior doors) or MDF (interior doors) for greater performance unless otherwise specified.

*Back to Back Flat 'V', 'S', 'B' for exterior use

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