Captiva Wood Doors Catalog

Use and care guide.


1) Doors should be handled with clean gloves to prevent leaving dirt and oil stains on the door face. 2) Do not drag or slide doors along any surface that could damage the door. Do not drag or slide doors across each other. 3) Doors must be stored in a dry, ventilated area in an enclosed building. Never store doors outside. 4) Doors should be stored flat on a level surface. When stacking doors, place a 2x4 at the top and bottom of each door, 12" from the edge. Place a third 2x4 in the middle for a center support. Cover doors to keep clean, but ensure proper air circulation exists. 5) Never lean doors against a wall. 6) Never store doors in direct sunlight. 7) If doors are to be stored for longer than one week, all six sides of the doors must be sealed with a non-water based sealer or primer to prevent excessive moisture penetration or drying.

NO OVERHANG WARRANTY NOW AVAILABLE: CAPTIVA TRADITIONAL SERIES ONLY No Overhang 5 Year Warranty Available when requested at an additional cost and requires 3-Point Locking System. No Overhang 10 Year Warranty. Warranty must be requested at time of quoting/ ordering. Certain restrictions apply in addition to standard warranty terms.


1) Give doors sufficient time to acclimate to the humidity of the surrounding area before hanging. In areas of extreme humidity, allow for a minimum of 72 hours. 2) When hanging a door, allow clearance for swelling of the door or frame in extremely damp, high humidity environments. Adequate clearance ranges from 1/16" to 1/8" in width and height. 3) If trimming is needed, trim no more than 1" at bottom of door and ¼" at each side. Do not trim the top of the door.



1) An adequate overhang will help minimize damage caused by exposure to the elements. Adequate overhang length is a minimum extension of one-half the distance from the bottom of the door to the bottom of where the overhang begins, and at least one and half times the width of the door. 2) If you are unable to achieve an adequate overhang, please consult your Captiva representative. We offer limited warranties for doors without overhangs that meet specific requirements.


Dimension A (length of overhang) must be equal to or greater than ½ of dimension B (distance from bottom of door to the base of the overhang).


1) Avoid use of dark stains or dark paint in areas exposed to direct sunlight. 2) Prior to finishing, sand all surfaces of the door using the appropriate grit sandpaper. Sand the door following the direction of the grain. Ensure that all marks, fingerprints, and scratches are removed. 3) Prior to staining, apply a clear sanding sealer or conditioner in order to improve finished look. 4) Carefully seal all edges including the top and bottom of the door and areas routed for hardware with a minimum of three finish coats of a high quality paint or varnish. 5) When finishing glazed doors, apply top coat generously to bridge between wood and glass. Lap paint 1/16" to protect against moisture penetration. 6) The tops of all outswing doors must be flashed for weather. 7) Exterior sealers must contain UV inhibitors to protect the door from sunlight. 8) Carefully follow instructions from the manufacturer of the finish.



1) Exterior sealers will weaken over time due to exposure and will require annual maintenance. Inspect door at least once per year and refinish as necessary. 2) Signs that your door requires finish restoration include dryness, raised grain, minor surface checks, dark streaks, or a whitish cast. 3) Please contact a Captiva representative if you have any questions/concerns about finish maintenance.

Maintain your finish with Klima’s Aquatech Retoning Liquid (TN030), available from your sales rep.

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