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Architectural specifications.

ARCHITECTURAL SPEC: Door construction, unless specified differently shall include a stave core method that uses a laminated stable wood core sandwiched between veneers. Captiva Traditional Doors use 1/4" solid veneers on all stiles and rails with matching edges to help prevent warp or distortion. Captiva Select Doors use laminated stable wood cores sandwiched between 1/8" veneers. A unique “beaded tenon” inserted by hand is used instead of dowels creating a similar mortise and tenon connection on all stiles and rails. All raised panels used in both methods shall be manufactured using double panel technology, which virtually eliminates cracking panels by allowing independent movement. Both types of construction are time tested methods and backed by our full warranties. Multi-lite doors, as true divided lite (TDL), available in Captiva Traditional or Select, with 1/8" single pane, 5/8" IG glass, or 5/8" Low E glass and wood stops applied to the exterior. Muntin bar widths are 1", 1-1/8", and 1-3/8". Simulated divided light (SDL) with 7/8" SDL bar, and 11/16" duplex muntins. Wood bars applied to both faces of door with the loose stop toward the exterior. SDL is available in Captiva Select doors only.

AIA/CES COURSE: CWD2019 Stile & Rail Door Construction This course shows the different styles of wood doors, discusses how stile and rail doors are

constructed, introduces the various components and the best wood species to select. The course also highlights other components added to the door that are necessary to make the “door system” functional. North Atlantic Corp Provider # 40107222 Learning Units: 1 | LU

• Design and quote custom stile and rail doors, jambs, and mouldings • Specify dimensions for each aspect of the door to customize your style • Watch the elevation and price adjust as you build your door • Add jambs, sills, sidelites, and transoms to visualize your complete opening • Choose a moulding from our library of over 5,000 profiles • Print detailed reports of your quotes and elevations

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