Endura Ultimate Astragal Brochure

The Ultimate Astragal

Upper Trim Cap


WHYBUYAN ULTIMATE ASTRAGAL? · Patented three-point sealing system –eliminates air and water infiltration. · Easy installation

Flip Lever Upgrade Improves ease-of-use and real-world sealing power. · Patented design · Engages top and bottom Flush Bolts in one motion · Spring-loaded Floating Boot seals tightly regardless of depth drilled for bolt · Easy-to-use, Enhanced Accessibility

· End French door problems –solves the problems builders face in French door applications. · Retractable Floating Boot –will not compress, become damaged or fall off after continued use. The Boot lifts up with the Flush Bolt to clear the threshold when the door is opened and is secured in place when the door is closed to provide a lasting seal. · Adjustable strike plates –maintain even margins using existing hardware. · Patented performance –engineered to be the best astragal you can buy. U.S. Patents: 5,857,291; 6,491,326 and patents pending.

24" Upper Flush Bolt

Upper Flush Bolt Lock

Adjustable Strike & Deadbolt Plates Improved alignment for better compression of the weatherstrip.

Flush Bolt Lock Secures patented 24" Flush Bolt in place for additional security.

Flip Lever Up With the Flip Lever

Flip Lever Thrown As the Flip Lever is lowered, the spring- loaded Floating Boot drops to create a perfect seal.

Flip Lever Down When the Flip Lever is down, the Flush Bolt seats fully for a secure weather-tight seal.

All-Aluminum Body Provides strength and covers the inactive door for a secure fit.

Patented Floating Boot Lifts with the Flush Bolt to prevent excessive rubbing and wear that lead to poor performance with traditional boot-type seals.

up, the Flush Bolt and Floating Boot are lifted clear of the sill.

Simple Solution ™ Corner Pad Pre-applied to every astragal, the Simple Solution ∏ Corner Pad works with the weatherstrip to seal out air & water.

Deadbolt Plate

Ultimate Astragal Veneer Combines the Ultimate Astragal’s patented three-point system with the aesthetic appeal of real wood to match many interior finishes. Veneers are

Strike Plate

Lifts with Flush Bolt to clear the threshold. RETRACTABLE FLOATING BOOT

complemented by bronze end caps.

Lower Flush Bolt Lock

Ultimate Astragal Hurricane Excellent performance in high-velocity wind zones without changing the appearance of the Ultimate Astragal . · 24" Steel Reinforced Flush Bolt · Kit includes Header Flush Bolt Retainer & Sill Flush Bolt Retainer (outswing)

END FRENCH DOOR PROBLEMS The Ultimate Astragal solves the problems builders face in french door applications.

24" Lower Flush Bolt

Secures in place when the Flush Bolt is lowered.

Simple Solution ™ Corner Pad Floating Boot Sealing System

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