Cleary Masonite Exterior Door Selection Full Line Catalog

Classic Decorative Glass Inspiration

Decorative glass can be configured for many different shapes and sizes. Use the inspiration below to see how decorative glass can enhance the look of your door and your home.




Belleville ® Smooth Hollister 3/4-Lite Door BLS-404-338-1 Sidelites BLSSL-450-338-1

Belleville ® Smooth Full Lite in SW First Star Door BLS-122-467-X Sidelites BLSSL-152-467-X

Belleville ® Smooth Hollister 3/4-Lite Oval Door BLS-304-927-2 Sidelites BLSSL-450-927-1

Belleville ® Smooth Camber-Top Fan Lite in SW Naval Door BLS-137-338-4 Sidelite BLSSL-152-338-X

Belleville ® Mahogany Textured Hollister 3/4-Lite Oval Door BMT-304-467-2 Sidelite BMTSL-152-467-X

Belleville ® Oak Textured 1/2-Lite Door BLT-106-927-2 Sidelite BLTSL-129-927-1

Belleville ® Mahogany Textured Hollister 3/4-Lite Oval Door BMT-304-338-2

Belleville ® Fir Textured Full Lite BFT-122-467-X

Belleville ® Smooth Hollister 3/4-Lite in SW Caviar Door BLS-404-927-1


Not all glass is available in all shapes and sizes. For full availability see chart on page 53.

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