Fitts Wood and Iron Stair Components

i ron acce s s or i e s shoes & tools

shoes & knuckle for square 1/2" balusters

FI3101-1-1/4 Shoe with 1-1/4" Base

FI3101 Shoe with 1-1/2" Base

FI3104 Shoe with ScrewAttachments

FI3102 Pitch Shoe 38°

FI3103 Decorative Knuckle

shoes for square 9/16" balusters

FI3101-2 Shoe with 1-1/2" Base

FI3104-2 Shoe with ScrewAttachments

FI3102-2 Pitch Shoe 38°

shoes for round 1/2" balusters

shoes for round 9/16" balusters

FI3104-5 Shoe with Screws

FI3101-5 Shoe with 1-1/2" Base

FI3102-5 Pitch Shoe 38°

FI3106 Shoe with Round Base

FI3107 Shoe with 1-1/2" Base

FI3108 Pitch Shoe 38°

tools & accessories for installation

FI3001 Hex Wrench for Iron Shoes

Touch Up Pen Colors: FI3300-B FI3300-BS FI3300-BRNZ FI3300 NCKL FI3300-COPR To replicate forged iron finishes, use the following color combinations: • Black Black Touch Up Pen • Black Satin Black Satin Touch Up Pen • Antique Bronze Bronze & Black Touch Up Pens • Silver & Black Nickel & Black Satin Touch Up Pens • Antique Nickel Nickel & Black Touch Up Pens • Rubbed Bronze Bronze & Copper Touch Up Pens Black Black Satin Bronze Nickel Copper


FI3200-EF Two-Part Epoxy

FI3200-NZ Nozzle

FI3200 Epoxy Gun

FI3300 Touch Up Pens (Sold individually)

Forged Iron Shoes and Knuckles

Part # FI3101

B BS SB AB AN RB ORC AG Description x x x x x x x x Iron Shoe

Size Weight / Each (lbs)


0.14 0.14 0.14 0.14 0.14 0.15 0.15 0.13 0.15 0.15 0.14 0.15 0.14 0.13 0.14 0.14

FI3101-1-1/4 x x x x x x x x Iron Shoe 1-1/4" Base 1/2"

FI3101-2 FI3101-5 FI3102 FI3102-2 FI3102-5 FI3103 FI3104 FI3104-2 FI3104-5 FI3105

x x x x x x

Iron Shoe Round Shoe

9/16" 1/2" 1/2" 9/16" 1/2" 9/16" 1/2" 1/2" 9/16"



FI3101-NS x x x x

Shoe without Set Screws 1/2"


x x x x x x x x Iron Pitch Shoe

x x x x x x

Iron Pitch Shoe

x x


Iron Pitch Round Shoe 1/2" Iron Adjustable Knuckle 1/2"

Fitts' specially formulated pen colors have been coordinated with Valspar® to replicate paint finishes on forged iron products for quick and easy touch ups.

x x x x x x x x x x x x x

Shoe/Screw Shoe/Screw

x x x x

x x

x x

Shoe/Screw Round Shoe Round Base

x x x x

FI3106 FI3107 FI3108

x x x

Round Shoe

Iron Shoe 9/16" Round 9/16"

Iron Pitch Shoe


B = Black • BS = Black Satin • SB = Silver & Black • AB = Antique Bronze AN = Antique Nickel • RB = Rubbed Bronze • ORC = Oil Rubbed Copper • AG = Ash Gray * Finishes vary based on powdercoating process ** Product availability may vary by warehouse location

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