Fitts Wood and Iron Stair Components

h a ndr a i l f i t t i ngs starting fittings

handrail profiles with available fittings

F6010 Use F70_ _ Series Fitting

F6210 Use F72_ _ Series Fitting

F6410 Use F74_ _ Series Fitting

F6710 Use F77_ _ Series Fitting

F6910 Use F79_ _ Series Fitting

F7031 Left Hand Climbing Volute

F7036 Right Hand Climbing Volute

F7030 Left Hand Volute

F7035 Right Hand Volute


F7040 Left Hand Turnout

F7045 Right Hand Turnout

F7041 Left Hand Turnout

F7046 Left Hand Turnout

F7010 Starting Easing

*FITTINGS SHOWN ARE 7000 SERIES FOR 6010 HANDRAIL. USE CORRESPONDING PREFIX WHEN ORDERING FITTINGS FOR OTHER HANDRAILS. For example, when ordering F7012 up-easing for 60 10 rail, specify F 70 12. When ordering F7012 up-easing for 62 10 rail, specify F 72 12.

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