Fitts Wood and Iron Stair Components

h a ndr a i l f i t t i ngs transitional fittings

F7011-135 Level Quarterturn 135°

F7011 Level Quarterturn

F7007 Left Hand S-Turn 5-1/2" Offset

F7006 Right Hand S-Turn 5-1/2" Offset

F7015 Starting-Easing with Returned End

F7014 Up-Easing (90°)

F7013 Over-Easing (60°)

F7012 Up-Easing (60°)

F7020 Tandem Cap

F7019 Opening Cap

F7009 Returned End

F7016 Over-Easing with Returned End


F7008 Coped End

F7018 Plain Cap

F7021-135 Quarterturn with Cap (135°)

F7021 Quarterturn with Cap

*FITTINGS SHOWN ARE 7000 SERIES FOR 6010 HANDRAIL. USE CORRESPONDING PREFIX WHEN ORDERING FITTINGS FOR OTHER HANDRAILS. For example, when ordering F7012 up-easing for 60 10 rail, specify F 70 12. When ordering F7012 up-easing for 62 10 rail, specify F 72 12.

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