Fitts Wood and Iron Stair Components

a r c h i t e c t u r a l i n s p i r a t i o n s

key features: • Hipped roof • Features adapted for modern functionality french colonial

In this design you can see a European influence with a French provincial and farmhouse combination providing a country French aesthetic. Popularized by soldiers returning from the First and Second World Wars, GIs took the concepts of steep- hipped roof lines and shuttered windows and incorporated them into the modern day period home.

suggested stair systems: • Sheraton • Iron


American farmhouse or American Gothic architecture tends to have an asymmetric styling with pinnacle peaked roof lines and ornamental mouldings. The best way to describe this appearance is church-like with alternating window shapes and styles. Construction of these homes usually does not stray from a single building material – typically wood. Homes are designed with a covered front porch seating area.

key features: • Gothic arched windows • Church-like appearance • Open front porch • Single building material

suggested stair systems: • Traditional • Hampton

mountain home


Rustic mountain homes take aspects of Swiss Chalet and A-frame construction and incorporate them with the modern comforts of design. Building materials are often natural, such as stone and/or log beams. Roofs are typically steep A-frame construction and made of wood shingles to shed the weight of winter snow. Large windows are incorporated to offer breathtaking views. Architectural characteristics attempt to work in as much the outside world as the inside world.

key features: • A-frame roof design - typically made of wood shingle • Natural construction materials • Large windows • Rustic, unfinished appearance suggested stair systems: • Mission Rustic mountain homes typically utilize stair

products that have natural wood characteristics. Fitts offers alder stair components that display the natural knots and characteristics of wood.

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