Cooper Stair Selection Guide


Housed Wall Stringer (5/4” x 10” routed to receive treads and risers)

Landing Tread (5/4” x 4- 1/4”)

BOX CONSTRUCTION A stair that has been “Boxed In” by a wall on both sides. It has no balustrade and handrails are mounted to the wall. The construction of this type of stair uti- lizes routed or housed stringers on both sides.

5/4 Stair Tread

Cove Moulding (5/8” x 3/4”) *none on cellar or carpet stairs

Riser (3/4”)

Tongue & Groove

Housed Stringer (On Closed Side)



OPEN CONSTRUCTION A stair that has a balustrade. Stairs that have a balustrade part way up the stair are called partial open. Stairs that are open on both sides are called double open. Open stairs with balusters that sit on the tread are usually constructed with mitered or notched stringers on the open side (see details).

Glue Block

Cove Moulding


Pocket Screw from Riser into the Tread


Mitered Stringer (On Open Side)


Return Nosing

PRE-ASSEMBLED WINDERS Used to turn the stair when space is limited in lieu of using platforms. These must be carefully designed for safe travel and compliance with applicable building codes.

Post or corner-board attached

Housed stringer construction

Tongue & Groove

3 Tread 30º

2 Tread 45º

1. Winder units include post or corner block installation, add cost of post. 2. For shipping purposes winders are sent as separate units unless shortest straight section is 3 or less risers. Wide door is required to move winders into house.

3. Designed to meet residential building codes. The preassembled winder sections can be combined with box and/or open preassembled stairs by Cooper Stairworks. The winder treads and risers are built around the post of your choice or corner board for box applications. | page 41

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