Cleary Millwork Endura Panolock Sell Sheet

Cleary Millwork / Endura PanoLock Sell Sheet. The new generation of Multi-Point Locks that work with off the shelf hardware. PanoLock delivers a single operation system by integrating the handleset with the multi-point system using the innovative latch and deadbolt adapters. Simply match the correct adapter to your hardware.

PanoLock ® + is the first and only multi-point lock that works with a wide variety of off-the- shelf hardware, including electronic deadbolts! That’s affordable security and performance for every entry door.

Thumb press, lever or knob. Even electronic deadbolts. PanoLock ® + works with a variety of off-the-shelf hardware and many lock brands. Matching hardware throughout the house is now a possibility. PanoLock+ is the multi-point lock you’ve been waiting for.

Works with a variety of standard hardware, including electronic deadbolts.

Choose your adapter.

Insert the adapter into PanoLock.

Install standard hardware.

PanoLock+ Square Adapter.

PanoLock® + works with off-the-shelf hardware. Schlage, Kwikset, Emtek, Gatehouse, Baldwin, Brinks, and Defiant.* And more. PanoLock+ integrates with many brands and a variety of locksets through an innovative system of adapters.* * Please refer to our website to verify that your preferred locksets have been tested for compatibility with PanoLock+.

Use of multi-point locks has been limited, primarily due to high cost, difficult installation and operation, and the limitations of dedicated handset hardware that are required for each manufacturer’s lock offering.

Tapered Bolt

Security. Performance. Standard.

Easy to live with. A simple turn of the deadbolt operates both tapered bolts smoothly and the handle-set operates the handleset latch. Three points of secure contact. PanoLock+ is easy to live with, even after years of use. Secure performance. PanoLock+ delivers the strength of three locking points for uncompromised protection. No weak hooks or catches. Just tested, proven strength.

Handleset Latch




A. Tapered bolt. Unlike other locks that

B. Adjustable roller strike. Rollers lower operating force and allow the tapered bolt to gently snug the door panel against the weatherstrip.

tend to catch, PanoLock+’s tapered bolts engage easily, even when the door is out of alignment.

Tapered Bolt

Easy to work with. PanoLock+ is flexible. Handing and swing can be set in the shop, reducing the number of SKUs.

. No dedicated hardware required. . No need for dedicated panels. . No difficult installation. . No expensive templates. It’s easy to say yes to PanoLock+.

Faceplate Finishes

Sizes 6/8 8/0

Bronze Anodized

Brushed Clear Anodized

White Anodized

Adjustable Strike Plate Finishes

Victorian Bronze

Satin Nickel

Bright Brass

Stainless Steel


Tested and proven. PanoLock+ has been extensively tested and proven to perform, even in severe conditions. During structural testing, PanoLock+ withstood winds up to 200 mph. Additional testing included: . Operating torque/force tested as low as 2 in/lbs with select handle sets. . Durability Cycle Testing Passed 100,000 cycles. . Air infiltration and exfiltration Tested to A2. . Water Infiltration and Exfiltration Tested DP60 with Z-Articulating Cap sill. . Impact/Forced Entry Resistance Tested Grade 40.

INNOVATION POWERED BY ENDURA. Endura is built on innovation and a commitment to performance. Our products are problem solvers, born directly from insight we’ve learned from our customers about real-world challenges. We’re always pushing ourselves to face an ever-present challenge: How can we make your door system work better? WHOLESALE DOORS 800-225-4252 CLEARY MILLWORK 800-899-4533


8817 W. Market St., Colfax, NC 27235 1.800.334.2006

Innovation protected under patents and patents pending in U.S. and Canada. See Form # PanoLock+ 23 Effective 5/16/23 © Endura Products

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