Fitts Wood and Iron Stair Components

a r c h i t e c t u r a l i n s p i r a t i o n s


The Arts and Crafts movement is defined by design paired with hand made and natural materials. Stair components are sometimes square and boxy with Art Nouveau design. These earthy attributes give the house a handmade feel. Arts and Crafts styles later inspired bungalow style homes, which are wood homes with touches of Spanish, and even Japanese, influences that share the rustic simplicity of the craftsman.

key features: • Handmade attributes • Built in furnishings such as stairs

• Earth tone colors • Natural materials • Simple use of materials suggested stair systems: • Mission • Craftsman • Box Newels

spanish colonial

A mixture of Spanish Colonial and Mediterranean design features, this architectural style was the design of Bertram Goodhue, a famous California architect. This style, one of the first to earn its own classification, dots the landscape across Southern California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, and Florida. Spanish styling was popularized in Hollywood when celebrities built Spanish Colonial style homes for their personal residences. These homes feature tile roofs, stucco and painted stucco exteriors, and rounded doorways and windows. Contemporary design draws upon the design aspects of the machine age. Inspired by the lines of trains and airplanes, architects in the 1930’s began designing for the future. Walls are typically smooth with continuing windows that give a seamless appearance. These designs incorporate characteristics of Art Nouveau as well as architectural features of the Bauhaus.

key features: • Painted stucco walls • Tile roofs • Arched doorways and windows • Wrought iron

suggested stair systems: • Provence Iron • Ravenna Iron



key features: • Smooth lines • Large amount of windows • Based off of modern machines

suggested stair systems: • Loft

Contemporary homes feature sparse millwork and have a stark yet simple architectural design. Stair systems would typically be dramatic and smooth.

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